Provigil and Depression

What is Provigil?

  • The way how it works is actually unknown to us
  • Provigil is used to improve fresh mood and wakefulness in patients with increased sleepiness
  • Provigil and Depression
  • Provigil can be alertly used for a different purpose other than the listed

Side effects of Provigil

  • If one experiences any of the uncommon but serious side effects listed below, stop taking Provigil at that moment and seek emergency medical attention or consult doctor as early as possible:
  • Any allergic reaction like irregular heartbeats, low or high blood pressure, shortness of breath, breathing disorders or closing of the throat or swelling of the lips, tongue, or face and or hives
  • Some normal side effects can also likely to occur like headache, infection, nausea, decreased appetite, or diarrhoea, chills, dry mouth, runny nose, sore throat, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, depression or numbness or tingling
  • It may form a habit so you should discuss the abuse and dependence potential of Provigil first
  • And still if any side effects other than those listed occurs go and discuss with your doctor about it

Provigil and Depression Information

  • One should take precaution when driving, operating machinery. It may affect your judgment, thinking, or motor driving skills so it is risky. If you are having such symptoms, you should strictly avoid the hazardous work
  • One should strictly avoid alcohol taking when they are already taking Provigil. It can be altered or increases effects while taking along with Provigil
  • Provigil also affect the hormonal methods of birth control which may contain birth control pills and depot and implant able formulations. One have to use nonhormonal form of birth control while taking Provigil, and for one month after stopping Provigil, if prevention of pregnancy is desired
  • Provigil is one of the kind of drugs forming habit. So one should be well known about the dependence potential of Provigil with the doctor before starting it. One should also not stop taking Provigil suddenly and without consulting the doctor. As there may be a need of gradual decrease in your dose of the medication before actually stopping treatment totally

How one should take Provigil?

  • One should take it only as per the prescription by the doctor
  • One should always take each dose with a complete glass of water
  • It may be taken with or without food
  • It is usually taken in the morning but you should follow the prescription by the doctor
  • As it is habit forming so you should know the abuse and dependence potential of it
  • Never stop taking it suddenly without discussing with the doctor as there may be need to decrease the dose slowly in order to stop treatment
  • One should store Provigil at room temperature away from moisture and heat generally

What one should know before taking Provigil?

  • One should frankly tell the doctor before going for Provigil treatment :
    1. If one has left ventricular hypertrophy
    2. If one has chest pain, irregular heartbeats, or other symptoms of mitral valve prolapse due to central nervous system stimulant use :
      1. Any history of a heart attack
      2. high BP
      3. a history of mental illness
      4. kidney disorders
      5. liver disorders
  • One having any of the problem listed above is not able to take Provigil, or at least require special monitoring during treatment
  • Provigil is of FDA pregnancy category C so one should know that it is harmful for unborn baby. One should never take it without consulting to doctor if she is pregnant or there is a possibility that she will be become pregnant while taking the treatment
  • As it is not exactly known that when or not Provigil actually passes into breast milk of mother ,so please one should not feed baby the milk of that mother taking Provigil without consulting to your doctor
  • Person of age more than 65 years can have more chances of experiencing side effects from Provigi,l so may need to lower the dose or monitoring during treatment
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