Menopause and Depression

When in women, the monthly period problem stops, it is called menopause. It means that menopause stops the estrogen production. After periods end in a woman, they are in menopause Thus it is an indication of end of a woman's reproductive year. Menopause can happen at any time at any age between forty to fifty years of age.

Menopause leads to physical change as well as some emotional change such as depression, anxiety. During menopause, women feel frustrating. It can make women downright depressed. It can make you feel sad. Depression is illness that has many causes. In a scientific way, it is caused by biological factor. Serotonin Hormones in the brain are required to regulate mood. In depression, people feel sad, hopeless, melancholy for prolonged periods of time. Depression has too many effects on our life such as physical ailments, isolation, and even suicide.

Depression During Menopause

Menopause and Depression During menopause, women feel sad and that sadness lead to depression. 8% to 15% of menopausal women experience some form of depression. During perimenopause, there is a big chance of depression which a woman suffers. Perimenopause is a phase that leads to menopause. There is not a single cause of menopause depression. There is no reason behind why most of menopausal women feel mood disorder.

Many women fear about menopause and thus that stress leads to menopause depression. Symptoms of menopause are too difficult to manage by. Menopause depression is like with fluctuating levels of hormones in the body. These hormones are directly related to mood center of brain. Women feel sad and hopeless when hormones drop especially estrogen.

Symptoms of Menopause Depression

According to medical science symptoms of menopausal women is same as non-menopausal women.

  • Always in sadness.
  • Feeling guilty, hopelessness.
  • Increased anger.
  • Lack of interest in activity that previously enjoyed.
  • Feeling low energy.
  • Always feeling tried.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Problem with making decision.
  • Insomnia that means change in sleep pattern.
  • Change in weight that is either weight gain or weight loss.
  • Suicidal thought.
  • Physical problem such as headaches, stomach problems and chronic pain.

Causes of Menopause Depression

There is not a single cause of menopause depression. Menopause is the time when women face physical changes and at the same time if she faces additional stress then that condition leads to menopause depression.

  • Problem in relationship.
  • Uncertainly divorce.
  • Problem facing with children or grand children.
  • Busy schedule in taking care of aging parents.
  • Worry about career after retirement.
  • Difficult to accept physical change that occur after menopause.

How to Cope With Causes and Symptoms of Menopause Depression

Women require some time to deal with menopause condition. But she has to care about that it can lead to menopause depression. So to prevent menopause depression, here are some useful tips

Don't feel alone. Try to share feeling with some family member, with your friends, with your husband or with your closed one. Always enjoy activities that you like. Make schedule for exercise and follow it. Give time for yourself such as reading, writing that you like and you would enjoy in that. Take well balanced diet. Try to reduce stress. Don't change your sleep pattern and get enough sleep. You know laugh give satisfaction so always give laugh whenever you have possible. Find a group that support you whenever need it.

Treatment for Menopausal Depression

Menopausal women feel sadness, hopelessness, anger and irritable. Relaxation exercise is very good option for reducing depression for women. There is also antidepressant treatment available you can use it. There is also psychotherapy treatment for those women who don't respond to antidepressants. Herbal and natural treatment are also available.

It is fact that women are involved in things that they are doing like exercise, working outside the home and many more. If you are feeling well then take advise from your doctor or medical health care provider.

Antidepressant treatment include drug of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Celexa, Lexapro. Herbal or natural treatment includes St. John's wort.

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