How to Deal With Depression

Depression is the time in life when you feel sad and the downfalls are around. And of course you do not want this condition. Depression is emotional illness. This emotional illness is also called as "the blues". If you feel poor concentration, loss of energy, weight loss or weight gain, loss of interest in activity, feeling guilty, thinking of suicide etc. for more than two weeks, then you are suffering from depression. You have to take care about it. But do not worry and start taking precautions at the early stage only so that it cannot lead to chronic depression.

The best solution is to take the advise from your doctor or from your medical health provider. Therapy is better than medicine. So try to use therapy. Therapy cures depression from the root. Medication is considered to be an option if therapy is not doing work. But in some cases, medication is essential.

Some Useful Tips for Depressed People

  • Frequently go outside. Though you don't want to go outside, force yourself to go. Going for long walks is very good. If you feel comfortable outside then it is fine. But if you feel bored then you are more depressed about something.
  • Depression does not just go away, we have to try for it.
  • In depression, people require emotional support. So find a close one who can share your feeling.
  • Keep positive thinking.

Depression in women is more than men. One of every five women get depressed. If you are depressed go through the following way.

Depression and Exercise

Depression is now a common problem of everyone. But it is not a serious problem because it can be treated by medicine, therapy and even herbal or natural way. There is one other option also to treat depression and that is exercise. Exercise is helpful to cure from depression in the following ways

  • Exercise increase self-esteem.
  • You will feel relax from your worries.
  • It reduces some symptoms, which may keep your mood good.
  • Reduces stress and helps in fighting against depression and anxiety.
  • In depression, sleeping disorder is also a problem. But exercise helps you sleep better.

Thus little exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress.

In depression you may feel tried. You may think exercise is difficult for you. But if you do exercise then you are doing it for your sake only. Follow these steps.

Decide yourself and walk up to that target at least 3 times that day. Do more exercise than you used to do previously. Keep improving it each and every day. Enjoy your exercise. Don't feel bored. Go outside. Take advice from your health care provider. Do not think you are alone. Try to participate in family functions and share your feelings with friends.

You Can Manage Depression With Yourself.

  • Share your feeling with your friends who are close to you.
  • Food effects on mood. So avoid diet that you do not want.
  • Exercise always work better. It is a good way to reduce depression.
  • Do some creative thing that you will enjoy like painting, drawing other than reading and writing.

What Not to Do For Depression?

Some people use alcohol or drug to avoid depression. But it is not solution. So strictly avoid it.

Treatment Option

Take depression seriously because depression directly affects on your functioning ability. It is difficult to find causes of depression. Causes of depression not only depends on its types but also on men, women, child who actually is facing the depression.

There are too many ways to deal with depression. You can use antidepressants treatment, you can use herbal or depression natural treatment, you can use different types of therapies, you can use fish oil as medicine.

If all the above treatment does not work, then try to share feelings with friends, talk with your parents. Take an advise from your doctor or your medical health provider.

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