Endogenous Depression

Endogenous depression is not type of depression rather it is biological depression. One of the main causes of endogenous depression is chemical imbalance in brain. Some people feel sick without any sign of emotional change. But this condition is rarely happen.

People who don't respond to medication are also called as endogenous depression. There is not exact cause or specific reason or event that depression is endogenous. It is considered to be genetic in origin. Endogenous depression directly affect on life style. But don't worry this type of depression is treated by medication.

Is There is Relationship Between Endogenous Depression and Reactive Depression

Reactive Depression

Reactive depression specifies that depression from some event or some stress occurring. For example problem in relationship, death of closed one, loss of love one, changing job or anything that directly affect on our life. Sleeping problems because of worry. People who don't respond to antidepressant medication become in reactive depression.

Endogenous Depression

It has no exact cause of depression not even specific event. But endogenous depression appears to come from nowhere. This type of depression is heredity means that it passes to children because of genetic factor. It is biological depression so it is characterized by sleep pattern, poor concentration, and loss of interest in activity. Some people say that this type of depression gives respond to antidepressants medication.

Feeling tiredness, hopelessness, sadness, memory problem, sleeping pattern change are all symptoms of endogenous depression. Sometimes endogenous depression is also called as unipolar depression. Unipolar depression happens to 50% of depressed people. In this type of depression most of people think about suicide. Thus it common type of depression and it happen to 6% of women and 3% of men.

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