Diet and Depression

Diet and Depression

There are many questions related to depression that confuses people. Similarly the relation between diet and depression:

Does a bad diet contribute to depression?

Does an improved diet improvise your mood?

Can you opt for diet for depression?

These are the questions associated with diet and depression and all of them have a straight answer that is YES. Researches have proved that diet of a person can affects the mood of the person. In fact there are many nutrients that affect the mood of human beings. People suffering from depression comparatively have less folic acid and a vitamin that are plentiful in green leafy vegetables. Depression is often associated with eating habits and obesity.

Different people have different needs like if adolescents do not have enough nutrients and vitamins then they are more likely to have dysthymia.

One research and study has proved that low income women are more likely to experience major depression.

The main reason is that when a person gets depressed they avoid food and diet which decreases the level of tryptophan and so depressed person gets more depressed.

People could opt for diet for depression which will make them more active and kick start. Perfect and complete diet could improvise your mood by balancing the acids and chemicals of your body.

Many times people do not get the sufficient nutrition through the diet they take because of various factors. Following are the facts for you to prove that diet and depression are related and depression could become worse if not taken seriously:

  • Different nutrients are needed for different people
  • Drinking water contains some sort of toxins that could increase your nutritional needs or could destroy the consumed nutrients
  • Similarly various foods also contain plenty of toxins
  • Free radicals which are unstable and high energy molecules in your body, that damages the cell in your body which are responsible for increase your nutritional needs
  • Amount of food has increased because of agricultural practices but the nutrients are reduced

There are various dietary supplements which are considered vital to improve mental functions. People who are not able to respond to the antidepressants could get treated by Tryptophan which is instrumental in treating the depression:

  • One of the most essential acids is Omega-3 fatty acid for healthy metal functionality. So you have to fulfill your imbalance ration of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid which could be done by eating small cold water fish like salmon, herring etc. 2-3 times per week and avoiding large fish. You can have fish oil supplements, ground flaxseed meal or oil. And you could also take handful of walnuts.
  • We must consume the necessary fatty acid through the food we take. Take food in order to meet the perfect amount of the nutrient and vitamins essential for the body. Get enough B-complex vitamins. You could get it from meat, beans, dairy products, liver, eggs, bananas, green vegetables, yeasts, whole grains etc.
  • Sugar and caffeine gives you a kick start but it has been observed that depressed person consume more sugar and caffeine than a normal person. It increases the feeling of depression and sadness. So decrease the intake of sugar and caffeine to have a healthy life.
  • People often consume alcohol to escape from depression but it is a wrong perception. But alcohol could lead you to vitamin deficiency which could contribute to your depression. It also imbalances the chemical in brain which is linked with the mood and emotions of person.

Depressed person should maintain their diet. Bad food habits could effect your depression and a good nutrient food can energize you to fight against depression. Reduce your depression and have a healthy environment and healthy food habits which will make you more happy and active.

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