Diabetes and Depression

Like depression, which we can say is worst illness, diabetes is also considered to be the worst illness of human being. Some year ago people thought that depression was complication of diabetes diseases. But now science has proved that depression has its own cause, sign and symptoms.

If we consider whole population, the rate of diabetes with major depression is 3 to 4 times greater than any other disease. If we consider only depression then is up to 3 to 5 percentage of population. But if we consider those people who have diabetes then percentage of depression with that people is 15 to 20 percentages more.

It is a general fact that if add one and again one then of course result will be more than one. Like that one disease plus another disease means it is too much risky. There is behavioral and psychological interaction between depression and diabetes. It becomes increase in risk of blindness, neuropathy and it can go to stage that cannot control.

Relationship Between Diabetes and Depression

Diabetes and Depression

Depression is nothing but mental illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts whereas diabetes is disorder that changes the way of blood that body has digested for growth and energy.


Depression can happen at any stage of life from childhood to adulthood. But for depression there are too many types of treatment available like antidepressant medicine, psychological treatment, herbal treatment, natural treatment, exercise and even fish oil such as Omega-3 is used for as treatment for depression.

Main Types of Depression

  • Major Depression
  • Dysthymia depression
  • Bipolar Depression

Causes of depression are not a single one. Main scientific reason of depression is abnormal functioning of the brain. An imbalance of neurotransmitters is one biological cause of depression. Neurotransmitters are brain cells that are required for communication with one other. Transmitters used for communication are serotonin and norepinephrine. Deficiency in serotonin may cause the sleep problems, irritability, and anxiety. Deficiency in norepinephrine may cause fatigue and depressed mood of the illness. Science Technology proves that genetic play role in depression. Family link is also considered in depression. Suppose there is identical twin. If one twin is suffer from depression then definitely other one is suffered from depression.


Diabetes is disorder that changes the way of blood that body digested for growth and energy. All of you might be aware that most of food contains glucose which is formed into sugar. After digestion, the glucose contained in food passes into our bloodstream. One hormone called as insulin helps glucose to get into cells. It also converts glucose into energy. Insulin is produced by the pancreas.

There are two type of diabetes. As per above conclusion insulin is most important for glucose producing and converting into energy, but in first type of diabetes immune system destroy the insulin producing beta cell. Diabetes patient requires insulin injection daily for the rest of their lives. But this first form of diabetes strikes diabetes patient who takes insulin injection. Insulin treatment is not good solution for diabetes. Actually insulin treatment cannot be reliable to prevent the long-term complication of the diabetes. Still scientists do not got any cause of immune system why it attack on insulin producing beta cell.

Symptoms of Type First Diabetes

  • Unexpected weight loss.
  • Always feel hunger.
  • Increase in thirst.
  • Increased urination.
  • Blurred vision.

Most of people are affected by second type of diabetes. This diabetes affects 40% adults. Like depression, which cause of heredity or genetic factor, second type of diabetes is also affected by family history. Symptoms of second type are same as first type. You know some people don't show symptoms of diabetes not even if they are suffering from it. By taking careful diet we can control blood pressure that usually happens in second type. And through exercise program we can gain weight.

Diabetes and Depression With Heart Disease

Specifically adults are affected by depression. In depression they may feel less productive. They have to develop disabilities. Even people have to spend more money and time on their health.

Now science proves that there is relationship between depression and diabetes. People 35% people who have diabetes they suffer from depression. Some people who have diabetes can control their blood, glucose levels. Because of this they get depressed. These problems can lead to more complication and thus patients have to give more concentration on his or her health. These entire problems lead to one big disease that is heart disease.

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