Depression Statistics

The main purpose of depression statistics is to bring awareness, based on statistics, fact information and observations. People who suffer from depression can begin to understand that they are not alone but many like them are there. Simple fact is seen that depression occurs often at earlier ages than in older age.

Depression Information and Fact Statistics

Depression Statistics People who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety and vice versa. Although some of these depression statistics represent the frequency of depression among different population sectors, others represent delicate mind/body connection fact. A study shows that people with depression are four times as likely to die within six months of a heart attack as well as when depression is high, the immune system suffers.

General Depression Statistics

  • Depression weakens the immune system and so one becomes susceptible to physical disorders
  • In a year nearly 13 million and 14 million people experience a depressive disorder
  • Only 20 percent who develop depression receive adequate treatment
  • 16 percent of adults will experience depression at same age
  • 97 percent of those reporting depression are with the opinion that their work, home life and relationships suffered as a result of it
  • Depression increases chances of dying within 6 months after a heart attack

Depression Statistics about Children

  • Childhood depression, whether boys and girls, depression rate is equal
  • Children with depression are having it as a hereditary problem
  • Most of the research result in depression proved that it occurs more in earlier age than in past decades
  • In US nearly 2.5 percent of children suffer from depression
  • In US nearly 8.3 percent of adolescents suffer from depression

Depression Statistics about Women

  • There is higher rate of depression in married women as compared to single women and many are having depression at child birth
  • Common age group of women is 25 to 44 who suffer from depression
  • Depression is becoming nowadays a major cause of disability in women
  • On an average out of 3 depressed women, only one will seek professional help
  • Women experience depression twice as much as men
  • In US nearly 7 million women are clinically depressed
  • One in five women can have chance of having clinical depression at same age
  • Mostly 15 percent of women suffering from severe depression will commit suicide
  • Nearly 10 percent of women experience postpartum depression after birth of a child

Depression Statistics about Men

  • One in seven men will develop depression within 6 months of becoming unemployed
  • Men after retirement are having highest risk of depression
  • Those men who are recently diagnosed with depression are having high risk of cardiovascular problems in the next five years
  • Even though women experience depression as twice as men do, but the rate of men who commit suicide is three times as that of women
  • Main reasons of depression in men are separation after marriage, widowed, divorce

Depression Statistics about Suicides

  • Mostly people between the ages of 15 and 24 commit suicide
  • Generally Children between the ages of 5 and 14 commit suicide
  • At the rate of 2 out of every 3 people who commit suicide visited their health care center the month prior
  • At the rate of 2 out of every 3 people who commit suicide already talk about it to friends or family

Elderly Depression Statistics

  • Older people in depression mostly have risk of committing suicide
  • One forth of total suicides are committed by the elderly people
  • About 6 million elderly people suffer from depression
  • Only 10 percent of the elderly experiencing depression could get medical help
  • Old peoples having depression needs 50 percent higher healthcare costs
  • It has been observed that elderly women experience depression more than elderly men

Anxiety and Depression Statistics

  1. 2003 National Comorbidity Study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health 16% of the population that is nearly 35 million Americans suffer from severe depression
  2. National Institute of Mental Health 19.1 million Americans and of age group 18 to 54 years-old suffer from anxiety disorders.
  3. National Institute of Mental Health: The 9.5% of the adult population that is nearly 18.8 million American adults suffer from clinical depression.
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