Depression Glass

When we think about depression glass, different colors come into our mind. Depression glass comes in pink, green, red, black, amber, yellow colors. Even they come in different types of crystals. Below is the list of depression glasses. You know like different colors of glass, there are different patterns of glasses available that collect and refract light.

Depression Glass Pattern

  • Hocking's Waterford
  • Miss America
  • Spiral
  • Jeannette's Windsor
  • Federal's Diana
  • Columbia

This geometric pattern of depression glass refracts the light. For example, Miss America just sparkles in the light. It comes in diamond shape whereas Spiral, Windsor and Columbia come in a round shape. In crystal, geometric shapes are also available. Hocking's Waterford are usually used in crystal. It has prisms of squares on the outside of the pieces and catches light and glows.

There are also other patterns which are different than above like mold etched, flowers, birds, baskets and lattices.

Depression Glass Green

Adam green, Aunt Polly Green, Avocado Green, Block Optic Green, Bowknot Green, Bubble Green, Cameo Green, Cherry Blossom Green, Circle Green, Crystal, Royal Lace Green, Cloverleaf Green, Colonial Knife and Fork Green, Cube Green, Miss America Green, Floral Green, Doric Green, Florentine #1 Green, Florentine #2 Green, Georgian Green, Horseshoe Green, Madrid Green, Princess Green, Peacock and Wild Rose Green, Sharon Green, Sierra Green, Sunflower Green, Windsor Green.

Depression Glass Pink

Adam Pink, American sweetheart Pink, Avocado Pink, Block Optic Pink, Cherry Blossom Pink, Colonial Knife and Fork Pink, Dogwood Pink, Doric Pink, Floral Pink, Holiday aka Buttons and Bows Pink, Coronation Pink, Cube Pink, Cupid Pink, English Hobnail Pink, Lace Edge aka Old Colony Pink, Madrid Pink, Mayfair Pink, Miss America Pink, New Century Pink, Normandie Pink, Parrot Green, Patrician Green, Peacock and Wild Rose Pink, Princess Pink, Royal Lace Pink, Sharon Pink, Sunflower Pink, Swirl Pink, Tea Room Pink, Waterford Pink, Windsor Pink.

Depression Glass Red

Addie Red, American sweetheart Red, Bead and file Red, Bubble Red, Gadroon Red.

Depression Glass Blue

American sweetheart Blue, English Hobnail Ice Blue, Madrid Blue, New Century Cobalt Blue, Mayfair Blue.

Depression Glass Yellow

Cameo Yellow, Florentine #1 Yellow, Florentine #2 Yellow, Horseshoe Yellow, Lorain Yellow, Princess Yellow.

Amber Depression Glass

English Hobnail Amber, Madrid Amber

Other Color Glass Types

American sweetheart Monax, Christmas Candy Crystal, Christmas Candy Teal, Cloverleaf Black, Della Robia Dark, Della Robia Light, Doric and Pansy Ultramarine, English Hobnail Crystal, Florentine #1 Cobalt, Florentine #1 Crystal, Florentine #2 Crystal, Holiday aka Buttons and Bows Iridescent, Iris Crystal, Iris Iridescent, Jamestown, Jubilee, Madird Crystal, Manhattan Crystal, Moderntone Cobalt, Moderntone Platonite, New Century Amethyst, Newport Amethyst, Newport Cobalt, Normandie Amber, Patrician Amber, Petalware Cremax, Petalware Monax, Royal Lace Cobalt, Royal Lace Royal Ruby, Sharon Amber, Ships aka Sportsman's Series, Swirl Ultramarine, Victory Cobalt.

Here below Are Some Important Things About some Glass

Adam Green Glass

It is not totally green. Adam Green is made up of green and pink. It comes in different sizes.

Adam Pink Glass

Adam pink is not pure pink glass. It is also made of pink and green.

Addie Red

It was made up of cobalt blue, red, black and jade green satin.

American Sweetheart Blue

This type of glass is transparent like white. This is made up of pink and monax. It is like a lovely glass.

Cameo Yellow

It is the most popular pattern. It comes in large variety of glass patterns. It was primarily made in green.

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