Depression and Suicide

Most of the people who are in depression always think about suicide. Though they do not act on it but they always think about it. Several people feel low of energy so they do not try to harm themselves. But in some cases depression goes at a higher stage and people try to kill themselves.

Suicide is considered as one part of depression illness. It is considered a combination with other risk factors because suicidal thoughts and behavior can be the symptoms of moderate to severe depression. Maximum 15% people who suffer from depression die by suicide.

Why People Try to Suicide When They Are in Depression?

Depression and Suicide The answer is very simple because they are in too much depression which is nothing but mental illness that involves mood, emotions and body.

Many people who are in depression think about suicide but they don't try to attempt. After taking some treatment they may feel better but feeling of hopelessness is still remaining. That is the big reason of committing suicide. Another one big reason is that people get tried to fight with disease.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide can be avoided by coping with stress and controlling aggressive behavior. For suicide prevention, first you need to go for tests the suicide case. For this there are some suicide prevention programs. Suicide prevention program include recognize and apply appropriate treatment for particular high-risk age, gender, and cultural groups is the most promising way to prevent suicide and suicidal behavior.

Most of the people meet to doctor or his or her medical health care provider before suicide. So doctor or medical health care provider can try to keep patient away from suicide thought. Thus by coping with stress, controlling aggressive behavior we can prevent suicide.

Risk Factor for Depression

Suicide behavior is normal for people who have depression. Risk factor of suicide varies according to the age. Most of the risk factors always lead to suicide.

  • Incarceration
  • Reading in news or fiction stories
  • Firearm in the home
  • Heredity
  • Family violence
  • Impulsivity
  • Major depression
  • Separation or divorce
  • Alcohol habit
  • Drug use
  • Aggressive

Depression, Suicide Facts and Adults

Suicide is always associated with depression in older adult. Actually suicide is unrecognized and unrelated medical illness. It is found that most of the people who think of doing suicide, they meet the doctor before doing that. This is one of the important facts. Because it can help a patient to keep his mind away from suicide. Most of the people who do suicide actually suffer from one type of the depression such as major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, or bipolar disorder. Among older persons, subsyndromal depression are common and always lead to major depression. If people feel frequent sadness, grief, loss, or passing mood states this hang in mood interfere with brains ability function.

Generally heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson's disease with this disease depression co-occur with it. It is possible that depression treatment can take with other diseases treatment. Research is going on the relationship between depression and other disease.

Children, Adolescents and Depression, Suicide

Major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, and bipolar disorder children and adolescents are affected by these types of depression. Symptoms of depression like mood change are always leaded to suicidal thought and it is risky. So take advice from your doctor or your medical health care provider. In children, suicide is third leading cause of death. Suicide can not be defined as mental illness. It is combined with many risk factors.

Most of the children suffer from major depressive disorders. In children and adolescents, major depression last for 7 to 9 months. Sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest in activity that previously one used to enjoy and always feeling low of energy level, all are symptoms of depression. They think that life is useless and always think about suicide. They become irritable and you know irritability always lead to depression. In depression children have poor concentration problem which result into bad school performance. They may lack energy, they avoid appearance and thus their normal pattern is changed.

What is Reason Behind That People Don't Talk About Depression and Suicide?

First of all people think that if they discuss with other people may be other people think that they are mad or suffer from some mental illness. They don't know the opinion of other people. May be other peoples' opinion about depressed people is that they are crazy or weak. But sharing feeling with other people is one of the good treatments of depression. Science proves that depressed people require emotional support from family member, friend and a loved one.

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