What is depression? What are the symptoms of depression? What are the depression treatment and medication?

If you have similar questions in your mind, then you have reached at the right place. This site provides information on what depression is, what are its causes and how anyone can detect that you are in depression? Once detected, you can treat it and see what are the depression treatment and medications available?

The very first step in fighting with depression is to understand what depression is, how it affects your body and mind, and what are the causes of depression.

What is depression?

Depression Depression is the act of depressing and the condition of being depressed. Depression is characterized by lack of activity, self-worth, and dejection, sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy.

When people are in depression then their view of life becomes negative. They often face hopelessness, passivity, indecisiveness, suicidal intentions, loss of appetite, weight loss, and sleep disturbances. For understanding it in detail, go through the following steps.

For understanding it in detail, go through the following steps. What is depression?

What are the signs and symptoms of depressions?

Following are the major signs and symptoms of depressions:

  • Low mood
  • Losing the temperature than usual
  • Loss of interest in activities that they enjoy
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Lack of energy
  • Poor concentration
  • Difficult to take decision
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Lack of sex drive
  • A restless feeling
  • Guilty feeling
  • Thinking about suicide

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What are the causes of depression?

Following are the most common causes of depression:

  • Dangerous or unsafe environment in family.
  • Being neglected from closed one in early life.
  • Traumatic experiences late in life.
  • One important cause is that loss of job.
  • Death of loved one.
  • Because of financial problem extreme stress.
  • Poor self-confidence
  • Side effects of some other medicine lead to depression.
  • Frequently feeling physical illness.
  • Feeling homesickness.
  • Hormonal changes always affect on mood lead to depression.
  • Frequently taking drug or alcohol.

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Can depression be treated?

The straight answer is "yes". Depression is highly treatable. First the causes of depression is found out and then with the help of some antidepressants and non medical therapies it is treated. See depression treatments for more details on available treatments.

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